Newpoint Reinsurance

Newpoint Reinsurance Company Limited, (NPRE) is a licensed (Re) Insurance Company on the Island of Nevis (Isles & federation of St Kitts & Nevis). It is regulated and approved by the Nevis Financial Services Regulation & Supervision Department, Office of the Registrar of International of Insurance, Financial Services Regulatory Commission, Nevis. NPRE’s Regulatory Registration License Number is No (C46027).

One of the attractions of Nevis is the Regulator which maintains a strong approach to KYC and AML whilst remaining business friendly. In this case “business friendly” means allowing qualified and experienced professionals to run their own business. The approach to capital adequacy is an example. In many jurisdictions, capital requirements are determined by reference to generalized capital risk models that do not accurately capture insurance risk profiles of individual companies. This can lead to considerable over capitalization and occasionally undercapitalization. NPRE is developing an innovative approach to aligning risk underwriting and actuarial functions so that risk capital prudence is maintained more effectively, although reference is made to EIOPA and rating models. We believe this approach allows sound business to prosper.


  • Based in Charlestown, Nevis which is located in the Federation of St Kitts & Nevis, East Caribbean
  • Was acquired and rebranded by Newpoint’s founders in Jan 2019, (original “shell” business formed in 2016)
  • Newpoint has grown business from a premium income of circa USD20m in 2019 to a premium income of aproximately USD80m at the end of 2021
  • Originally licenced to write reinsurance, but NPRE’s licence has been extended to allow the provision of international insurance
  • Survived COVID-19
  • Balance Sheet base in excess of USD200m and growing

Goals, vision and purpose

  • The board of NPRE have established a long-term plan to attract additional Solvency Capital, which it believes would meet the requirements of a rating agency to international standards
  • It aims to submit an application for a Rating from a Rating Agency over the next 12 months
  • NPRE is in the business of actively taking risk and has funds available to pay losses in addition to premium receipts
  • Annual surpluses and dividends are reinvested back into NPRE and NOT distributed to Its parent but to support the long-term strength of NPRE
  • Its’ Parent is fully supportive to the sustainability and success of NPRE over the long-term
  • Risk appetite is based around understanding risk taken and supporting “risk managed” business

Our Licenses

Certificate of Renewal for Insurance

Certificate of Renewal for Reinsurance